MLOps: what is and why it is important (Ep. 151)

If you think that knowing Tensorflow and Scikit-learn is enough, think again.

MLOps is one of those trendy terms today.
What is MLOps and why is it important?
In this episode I speak about the undeniable evolution of the data scientist in the last 5-10 years.


If building software is your passion, you’ll love ThoughtWorks Technology Podcast. It’s a podcast for techies by techies. Their team of experienced technologists take a deep dive into a tech topic that’s piqued their interest — it could be how machine learning is being used in astrophysics or maybe how to succeed at continuous delivery.


Amethix use advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to build data platforms and predictive engines in domain like finance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, logistics, energy. Amethix provide solutions to collect and secure data with higher transparency and disintermediation, and build the statistical models that will support your business.







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