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In this episode I make a non exhaustive list of machine learning tools and frameworks, written in Rust. Not all of them are mature enough for production environments. I believe that community effort can change this very quickly.

To make a comparison with the Python ecosystem I will cover frameworks for linear algebra (numpy), dataframes (pandas), off-the-shelf machine learning (scikit-learn), deep learning (tensorflow) and reinforcement learning (openAI).

Rust is the language of the future.
Happy coding!


  1. BLAS linear algebra
  2. Rust dataframe
  3. Rustlearn
  4. Rusty machine
  5. Tensorflow bindings
  6. Juice (machine learning for hackers)
  7. Rust reinforcement learning

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After reinforcement learning agents doing great at playing Atari video games, Alpha Go, doing financial trading, dealing with language modeling, let me tell you the real story here.
In this episode I want to shine some light on reinforcement learning (RL) and the limitations that every practitioner should consider before taking certain directions. RL seems to work so well! What is wrong with it?


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