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Your data is worth thousands a year. Why aren’t you getting your fair share?
There is a company that has a mission: they want you to take back control and get paid for your data.
In this episode I speak about knowledge graphs, data confidentiality and privacy with Mike Audi, CEO of MyTiki.
You can reach them on their website
Discord official channel

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In this episode I have an amazing conversation with Lillian Pierson from
This is an action-packed episode on how data professionals can quickly convert their data expertise into high-growth data businesses, all by selecting optimal business models, revenue models, and pricing structures.

If you want to know more or get in touch with Lillian, follow the links below:
  1. Weekly Free Trainings: We currently publish 1 free training per week on YouTube!
  2. Becoming World-Class Data Leaders and Data Entrepreneurs Facebook Group:
  3. LinkedIn:
  4. The Data Entrepreneur’s Toolkit: A recommendation set for 32 free (or low-cost) tools & processes that'll actually grow your data business (even if you still haven’t put up that website yet!).

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Is there a gap between life sciences and data science?
What's the situation when it comes to interdisciplinary research?
In this episode I am with Laura Harris, Director of Training for the Institute of Cyber-Enabled Research (ICER) at Michigan State University (MSU), and we try to answer some of those questions.


You can contact Laura at or on LinkedIn

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In this episode I am with George Hosu from Cerebralab
and we speak about how dangerous it is not to pay for the services you use, and as a consequence how dangerous it is letting an algorithm decide what you like or not.

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This episode is supported by Chapman’s Schmid College of Science and Technology, where master’s and PhD students join in cutting-edge research as they prepare to take the next big leap in their professional journey.
To learn more about the innovative tools and collaborative approach that distinguish the Chapman program in Computational and Data Sciences, visit


If building software is your passion, you’ll love ThoughtWorks Technology Podcast. It’s a podcast for techies by techies. Their team of experienced technologists take a deep dive into a tech topic that’s piqued their interest — it could be how machine learning is being used in astrophysics or maybe how to succeed at continuous delivery.



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In this episode I speak with Ritchie Vink, the author of Polars, a crate that is the fastest dataframe library at date of speaking :) If you want to participate to an amazing Rust open source project, this is your change to collaborate to the official repository in the references.




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