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Come join me in our Discord channel speaking about all things data science.

Follow me on Twitch during my live coding sessions usually in Rust and Python

This episode is supported by Women in Tech by Manning Conferences

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Hey there! Having the best time of my life ;)

This is the first episode I record while I am live on my new Twitch channel :) So much fun!

Feel free to follow me for the next live streaming. You can also see me coding machine learning stuff in Rust :))

Don't forget to jump on the usual Discord and have a chat

I'll see you there!





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In this episode I speak with Adam Leon Smith, CTO at DragonFly and expert in testing strategies for software and machine learning.
We cover testing with deep learning (neuron coverage, threshold coverage, sign change coverage, layer coverage, etc.), combinatorial testing and their practical aspects.

On September 15th there will be a live@Manning Rust conference. In one Rust-full day you will attend many talks about what's special about rust, building high performance web services or video game, about web assembly and much more.
If you want to meet the tribe, tune in september 15th to the live@manning rust conference.



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