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Building reproducible models is essential for all those scenarios in which the lead developer is collaborating with other team members. Reproducibility in machine learning shall not be an art, rather it should be achieved via a methodical approach. 
In this episode I give a few suggestions about how to make your ML models reproducible and keep your workflow as smooth.

Enjoy the show!

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Data science and data engineering are usually two different departments in organisations. Bridging the gap between the two is essential to success. Many times the brilliant applications created by data scientists don't find a match in production, just because they are not production-ready.

In this episode I have a talk with Daan Gerits, co-founder and CTO at


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Why so much silence? Building a company! That's why :) 
I am building pryml, a platform that allows data scientists build their applications on data they cannot get access to. 
This is the first of a series of episodes in which I will speak about the technology and the challenges we are facing while we build it. 

Happy listening and stay tuned!

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