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Today I am having a conversation with Filip Piękniewski, researcher working on computer vision and AI at Koh Young Research America.
His adventure with AI started in the 90s and since then a long list of experiences at the intersection of computer science and physics, led him to the conclusion that deep learning might not be sufficient nor appropriate to solve the problem of intelligence, specifically artificial intelligence.  
I read some of his publications and got familiar with some of his ideas. Honestly, I have been attracted by the fact that Filip does not buy the hype around AI and deep learning in particular.
He doesn’t seem to share the vision of folks like Elon Musk who claimed that we are going to see an exponential improvement in self driving cars among other things (he actually said that before a Tesla drove over a pedestrian).

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In this episode I continue the conversation from the previous one, about failing machine learning models.

When data scientists have access to the distributions of training and testing datasets it becomes relatively easy to assess if a model will perform equally on both datasets. What happens with private datasets, where no access to the data can be granted?

At fitchain we might have an answer to this fundamental problem.


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